The grr project is a nomadic creative residency that will run from 2015 till 2016. With the help of amazing friends, I have built a yurt that I plan to live and work in for a year. It will stay in backyards and public spaces for up to two months at a time.During each stay, I will collaborate with local residents and artists, cultivate tiny ecologies, and host creative salons, book launches, community dinners, music gigs, art exhibitions, and theatre shows.

It is partly a response to ongoing environmental damage, and partly about embracing aspects of life as a writer and artist. I hope to demonstrate a way of living that makes little impact on the natural environment, and that through beauty encourages others to this ascetic way of living. I use ascetic in the basic sense: living more simply for personal, spiritual and ecological betterment. The aim of the project is to develop an integrated artistic and life practice that embraces ecological ethics, relational aesthetics, creative collaboration, and open hospitality. I wish to be a good guest while I am in this world.