As part of Grr Nights and FRINGE WORLD Festival 2016, six emerging West Australian artists will light up The Blue Room Theatre from 22nd January - 20th February.

Illuminations is an eco-art exhibition that will explore the use of alternative sources of light through a curated series of installations. Each work will rely on the participation of The Blue Room Theatre patrons throughout this year's Summer Nights program, becoming powered and illuminated through their physical actions. This may be through the peddling of a handmade bicycle generator, the turning of a hand crank, or the cooperation of friendly bioluminescent bacteria (not naturally found in the cultural centre, of course).

Illuminations is an expression of collaboration between artwork and the individual. As a commentary on art's vulnerability in a state of ecological and economic collapse; without participation these works cannot activate, cannot illuminate and will go unseen. Through the interplay of concept and experience, and the use of sustainable practices, Illuminations will question our consumption of materials and asks: why does an object need to exist? If the world is ending, what is the role of art? How can we creatively respond to ecological collapse?