Magnolia’s Late Night Live presents Wildfire, an interactive comedy debate night covering topics that are silly and sincere in equal measure.

From Perth’s premier live talk show comes Wildfire, a comedy debate night in the huddled space of the Grr. Hosted by Matt Aiken (Camp Doogs) and Tristan Fidler (RTRFM’s Movie Squad), Wildfire begins with a topic both sincere and silly in equal measure.

Quick-witted local heroes with the gift of the gab will act as team captains, joined by a squad of volunteering audience members behind them. Whether you are a debating team member or an audience member, everyone is a participant in this spontaneous, ribald affair!

Audiences from Magnolia’s Late Night Live consistently leave enamoured by their guests after experiencing their gravitas in a live and intimate setting. Expect this liveliness to be enhanced in the cosiness of the Grr – you’ll struggle from tearing each other apart or keeping yourself from stitches in this wild and loose variant of a comedy debate night!