A community dinner in the Grr, the nomadic sanctuary of writer and artist SJ Finch. Be warmed with joy and memories to swell your heart. 

Perth writer and artist SJ Finch invites you to a community dinner in the Grr, his nomadic sanctuary. A free event, the Open Kitchen Dinner is a space of open hospitality, shared rituals, and conversations about ecologies. 

Each guest will be asked to bring something that inspires joy and happiness. 

What keeps you going when you are blue? A gift from a dear friend? Comfort food? A story that you like to remind yourself?

Share joy with each other. Perhaps you might help others in future times of woe. Perhaps we can find a way into our collective joy. Enter the Grr as a stranger with a favour, and leave as a friend with a warmed tummy and a memory that swells your heart. 

Bookings essential! 

Contact The Blue Room Theatre to book your place.

Telephone: 08 9227 7005  
Email: sally@blueroom.org.au 

Or in person:
Perth Cultural Centre
53 James Street
Northbridge WA 6003