Join Elizabeth - midwife by day, spy and communications smuggler by night - on a mission to deliver messages of love and unsaid wishes across the Border of Fear.

In the midst of a warzone, Elizabeth (Chloe Flockart) is a midwife by day, a spy and communications smuggler by night. Elizabeth lost the one she loves without ever telling them so, and now she is making it her unofficial mission to deliver messages to those trapped by circumstances that may leave their feelings unspoken.

Meet Elizabeth in her secret communications centre to listen to her story of love and missed opportunities and join her on the mission to smuggle messages of love and unsaid wishes across the terrifying Border of Fear. Learn how to make your own coded postcard to compose a personal message of your own, to be hidden throughout The Blue Room Theatre for others to discover.

What would you want to say if you were in a warzone? Who would you send it to? If you knew you had one last chance, would you finally tell your crush that you think they’re amazing? Would you finally tell your mum you’re sorry?

Whatever it is, be brave. Say it now, however you can. Don’t wait, because one day you might wish that all those moons ago, you had just gotten the hell out of your own way.