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Located deep in the heart of The Blue Room Theatre, Grr Nights is a series of intimate performances in my nomadic home, a yurt called 'Grr'. I have built Grr out of recycled fabrics and materials with the help of true friends. For two weeks in February, the Grr will host thirteen unique shows eco-caberet to lovelorn clowns, from indie-pop choirs to spoken word, from dance to community debate and dinners. These shows will have consultation from Tanja Beer, a nationally recognised eco-sceneographer.


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Sound Bytes of Passage

Menagerie Indie Pop Choir

Menagerie Indie Pop Choir use the power of indie and popular songs to revel in the wonders and perplexities of growing up.

Do you ever look back on your adolescence and laugh at the memories from your youth, wish for the wonderful “good ol’ days”, or perhaps grimace at the thought of your mortifyingly embarrassing younger self? Perhaps it’s not hard in the age of #ThrowbackThursday, when everyone posts a horrendous photo of an ungraceful you on Facebook for your birthday.

In Sound Bytes of Passage, Menagerie Indie Pop Choir celebrate our adolescence, revelling in the wonders and perplexities of growing up in all its life-transforming wonder and cringe-worthy, awkward glory. With a wide-ranging repertoire from Bright Eyes to Breeders and Silverchair to Stevie Wonder, the show will feature musical anthems that tell personal stories of coming-of-age, arranged in three-part harmony by Sally Banyard, Claire Coleman, Lauren Croser, Tiffany Ha, Caila Ihle, and Kate Page.

Since 2013, Menagerie Choir have wowed audiences with their harmonious voices and infectious energy. Having performed in flash mobs and on concert stages around Perth, Sound Bytes of Passage is a stripped-back show, adapted specially for Grr Nights, performed by a small group of the full choir. Here, be kindled with the joy of music and youth.