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perth, wa

0431 858 765

Located deep in the heart of The Blue Room Theatre, Grr Nights is a series of intimate performances in my nomadic home, a yurt called 'Grr'. I have built Grr out of recycled fabrics and materials with the help of true friends. For two weeks in February, the Grr will host thirteen unique shows eco-caberet to lovelorn clowns, from indie-pop choirs to spoken word, from dance to community debate and dinners. These shows will have consultation from Tanja Beer, a nationally recognised eco-sceneographer.




Choo Choo Troupe

Feel the scent of nature in your eyes. Hear the wisdom of our faces. SyNaTUREsthesia, a naturally occurring geyser of stupidity. A revitalising formula. Massage onto body, then rinse well. 

A clown show for grown ups, SyNaTUREsthesia is improvised around playing games with each other and the audience. It is a group experience (think hive mind, not orgy) of physical comedy, satire, music, and questionable flamenco.